heo https://tvdseo.com /nHeo is a family name in Korea.
It is also often spelled as Hur or Huh, or less commonly as Her. In South Korea in 1985, out of a population of between roughly 40 and 45 million, there were approximately 264,000 people surnamed Heo. The name is also found in North Korea. The character used for the name (許) means to permit or advocate.
The Heos traditionally trace their ancestry to Queen Heo Hwang-ok, the wife of King Suro of Geumgwan Gaya, one of ancient kingdoms in Korea. She bore ten sons, two of whom retained the Queen’s name. The Heos are traditionally considered distant kins of the Kims, who trace their ancestry to the other sons of King Suro.

== Clans ==
As with most other Korean family names, there are many Heo clans, including the Gimhae clan and the Yangchon clan. Each clan consists of individual Heo families. Even within each clan, people in different families are not necessarily related to each other. These distinctions are important, since Korean law used to prohibit intermarriage in the same clan, no matter how remote the relationship; now, however, only those in a relationship of second cousins or closer may not marry. As with other Korean family names, the Heo clans are distinguished by the place from which they claim to originate.
Yangcheon Heo clan
Hayang Heo clan
Gimhae Heo clan
Taein Heo clan
Hamchang clan
Suwon clan
Yangju clan

== People with the surname ==
Ben Huh – South Korean-American internet entrepreneur
Heo Hwang-ok – Queen of Geumgwan Gaya, clan ancestress
Heo Jun – b. 1546 Joseon-era court physician, author of Dongui Bogam, on UNESCO Memory of the World Programme
Heo Nanseolheon – b. 1563, female poet, artist
Heo Gyun – b. 1569, writer of the Tale of Hong Gildong
Heo Im – b. 1570, Joseon-era physician
Heo Jeok – b. 1610, Prime Minister of South Korea (Yeonguijeong) during Joseon Dynasty
Heo Jeong – b. 1896, 6th Prime Minister of South Korea
Heo Jun-Gu – b. 1923, co-founder of LG Corp.
Heo Jang-kang – b. 1925, South Korean actor
Huh Chin-kyu (born 1940/1941), billionaire South Korean businessman, founder of ILJIN Group.
Heo Seung-Pyo – b. 1946, South Korean footballer
Huh Young-man – b. 1947, South Korean manhwa (Korean comics) artist
Huh Kyung-young – b. 1947, South Korean politician, chief of the Democratic Republican Party
Huh Chang-Soo – b. 1948, chairman of GS Group and FC Seoul
Hur Nam-sik – b. 1949, mayor of Busan
Huh Joon-Young – b. 1952, CEO of Korail and Chairman of Incheon Korail FC
Huh Jung-Moo – b. 1955, footballer and manager
Hur Jin-ho – b. 1963, South Korean film director
Young Soon Hue – b. 1963, South Korean ballet choreographer
Heo Joon-ho – b. 1965, South Korean actor
Hur Jae – b. 1965, basketball player
Huh Yong-Mo – b. 1965, South Korean boxer
Aram Hur – b. 1971, South Korean educator
Hur Seung-Wook – b. 1972, South Korean alpine skier
Hur Suk-ho – 1973, South Korean golfer
Huh Young-Sook – b. 1975, South Korean handball player
Huh Soon-Young – b. 1975, South Korean women’s handball player
Heo Jae-Won – b. 1984, South Korean football player
Huh Gak – b. 1984, South Korean singer and winner of the second season of Superstar K
Heo Young-ho – b. 1986, Go player
Heo Young Saeng – b. 1986, member of South Korean boy band SS501
Huh E-jae – b. 1987, South Korean actress
Heo Jun – b. 1988, South Korean foil fencer
M. J. Hur – b. 1989, South Korean golfer
Heo Solji – b. 1989, member of South Korean girl group EXID
Heo Gayoon – b. 1990, member of South Korean girl group 4Minute
John Huh – b. 1990, American golfer
Heo Min-jin (stage name Choa) and her twin sister Heo Min-seon (stage name Way) – b. 1990, members of South Korean girl group Crayon Pop
Heo Soo-yeon – b. 1991, better known by her stage name Eunice, member of the South Korean girl group DIA
Heo Yujeong – b. 1992, member of South Korean girl group Bob Girls
Heo Chan-mi – b. 1992, member of CO-ED School and 5dolls (F-ve Dolls)
Heo Young-ji – b. 1994, member of South Korean girl group Kara
Heo Jun – b. 1994, member of the South Korean boy group Madtown
Heo Chan – b. 1995, member of the South Korean boy group Victon
Heo Hyun-joon – b. 2000, (stage name Hwall), former member of South Korean boy group The Boyz
Heo Yoo-rim – b. 2000 (stage name Aisha), member of South Korean girl group Everglow
Heo Ji-won – b. 2000, member of the South Korean girl group Cherry Bullet
Heo Jung-eun – b. 2007, South Korean actress

== See also ==
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== References ==

== External links ==
A 2001 Korea Now article explaining the clan structure
Yangcheon Heo clan website in Korean
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