position https://tvdseo.com /nPosition often refers to:

Position (geometry), the spatial location (rather than orientation) of an entity
Position, a job or occupationPosition may also refer to:

== Games and recreation ==
Position (poker), location relative to the dealer
Position (team sports), a player role within a team

== Human body ==
Human position, the spatial relation of the human body to itself and the environment
Position (obstetrics), the orientation of a baby prior to birth
Positions of the feet in ballet
Position (music), the location of the hand on a musical instrument
Proprioception, the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body
Asana (yoga), the location and posture of the body while practicing yoga
Sex position, the arrangement of bodies during sexual intercourse

== Humanities, law, economics and politics ==
Philosophical theory, a belief or set of beliefs about questions in philosophy
Position (finance), commitments in a financial marketplace
Social position, the position of an individual in a society and culture
Political position within a political spectrum

== Science and mathematics ==
Position (vector), a mathematical identification of relative location
Position in positional notation of mathematical operations

== Other uses ==
The Position, a novel by Meg Wolitzer
Positions (book), a book by Jacques Derrida
Positions (album), a 2020 album by Ariana Grande
“Positions” (song), the album’s title track
The Positions, 2015 album by Gang of Youths

== See also ==
Location (disambiguation)
Positioning (disambiguation)
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